Group Policy not redirecting all folders specified. All folders except AppData are being redirected despite the settings being identical


  • Hi, we have a really wierd one. Basically I have a folder redirection policy (redirect all folders to network UNC path) that is assigned to a terminal server OU. The folder redirection behaves as expected except for AppData. AppData is set to be redirected but does not act as if it is set at all, no errors or indications of any issue, its just like its not configured. GPO modeling doesn't reflect AppData being redirected either. RSOP shows the policy applying fine, but again AppData is not listed at all as being redirected.

    I have backed up the GPO and examined the contents and it does indicate AppData should be redirected, also looking at the SYSVOL on the domain shows AppData being redirected in the config files of the policy.

    We have tried creating alternate policies and loopback policies with nothing but redirect appdata but they don't seem to work either.

    Any help would be fantastic.

    Wednesday, July 8, 2015 7:33 PM

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