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  • I have been running backups on just our main content DB using SQL maintenance tasks, and this has been working. However, I read about scheduling a backup with scheduled tasks and a batch file. This is the batch file:
    echo off
    cd c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\BIN
    stsadm -o backup -directory E:\Backup -backupmethod full
    The backups using stsadm don't seem to complete, or when they do, the content databases are unusable. I get the following in my event log:
    Source: MSSQLSERVER; Event ID: 18210
    BackupDiskFile::RequestDurableMedia: failure on backup device '\\server\Backup\spbr0006\00000021.bak'. Operating system error 64(The specified network name is no longer available.).

    I have tried both physical disk, and a network share at \\server\backup. Using \\server\backup, the backup actually completes, but when I go to restore, all the content DBs are unusable.

    I honestly don't trust my current SharePoint installation and my ultimate goal here is to get a good backup, restore to another SharePoint 2007 server, test applying updates, migrate to 2010 and test before I go attempt to apply an update to my current SharePoint 2007 server.  I'm currently on build and I know I can't migrate to 2010 at this build.  Automatic Updates attempted to download and install Office Server Service Pack 3 earlier this year, the install failed and things haven't been quite right ever since.  I have attempted taking a SQL backup, restore to a different DB server and attempted to attach a web app in another SharePoint 2007 server, but I could never get the page to load.  To complicate things further, someone has doubled the amount of data in our content DB in the last month, to 80 gigs!  My resource utilization on this box is off the charts - SQL 2005 and SharePoint 2007 are on the same box, with 12 gigs of RAM.  I've got SQL server taking 25-50% of the CPU and IIS taking up 0-50%. 

    That said, I would be happy simply getting my content DB migrated, polished up, then migrated to 2010 where I will set up all the farm features on a fresh install and new hardware.  If this means focusing on my SQL backup/restore, I'm fine with it.  I just need to get off this platform.


    Wednesday, November 28, 2012 11:15 PM