Exchange 2010, log files growing out of control at night RRS feed

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  • We have an exchange 2010 server (SP3, RU10), with a single DB that is about 450gb (about 400 users). Log files were stored on a separate partition that has been a 50gb partition. Full backups every weeknight and this configuration worked for quite a long time (a couple years). Starting about a month ago, we found the log files filling up overnight, forcing a dismount of the DB.

    We increased the log partition to 300 GB. and still find ourselves running out of space over the weekends when the backups don't run and the logs aren't cleared. Monitoring the log growth, we are finding that starting at 6PM daily (weekends included) and running until midnight, the log file grows at a rate of about 15GB per hour with upwards of 250 log files being generated per minute. This is during the 6pm to 3 or 4am time frame. During the rest of the day the growth is minimal. Between 7am and 6pm today there were less than 300 logs created (about 300mb)

    Backups run at 7pm weeknights and finish around 11pm, at which time the logs are cleaned up but whatever is running in the background still causes the logs to grow until after midnight some time.   Maintenance is set to run between 2am and 5am daily.

    When this problem began, we had just upgraded our mail archive system (archive attender) to their latest version.  Originally we thought it was Archive Attender, but that service was running at 2pm in the afternoon and is currently disabled.  

    The other changes were updating from RU8 to RU9 and RU10. 

    The event log has nothing that lets me know there is maintenance or something running.  

    Any ideas?

    Sunday, July 26, 2015 10:20 PM