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  • I have a script with which I can add users/groups to the security settings of a WMI class. This script run's fine except when a nonexisting user has access tot the WMI class

    The problem part of the script is the first line below

    $output = Invoke-WmiMethod -Namespace root/cimv2 -ComputerName computer1 -Path "__systemsecurity=@" -Name GetSecurityDescriptor
    $acl = $output.Descriptor

    When I run this script while a nonexisting user has access to the WMI class, I get an "Unexecpted Error". When I remove this user (S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxxxxxxx) through "Computer Manager", "WMI Control", "Properties", "Security", the script runs fine.

    Is there a method to remove nonexisting users from WMI Classes, or to skip this user.

    The error I get is:

    Invoke-WmiMethod : Unexpected error
    At line:1 char:18
    +        $output = Invoke-WmiMethod -Namespace root -ComputerName computer1 -Path  ...
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (:) [Invoke-WmiMethod], ManagementException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvokeWMIManagementException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.InvokeWmiMethod

    Wednesday, October 3, 2018 11:46 AM

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  • Hi Marco,

    Thanks for your question.

    Your script just use GetSecurityDescriptor method of the __SystemSecurity class. It can show the user's DACL.

    When you use the nonexisting user, you will get error.

    Try to add -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue to your command. It can help you skip error.

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    Friday, October 5, 2018 6:18 AM
  • Lee,

    If I add -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue to the "Invoke-WmiMethod" command, I get no result at all. I want to see the information of the existing users that have access tot the WMI class.

    $output = Invoke-WmiMethod -Namespace root/cimv2  -Path "__systemsecurity=@" -Name GetSecurityDescriptor -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    $acl = $output.Descriptor

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    Friday, October 5, 2018 1:51 PM
  • If the security descriptor is corrupted than WMI cannot help you.  You will need to do a repair on the WMI repository.


    Friday, October 5, 2018 2:05 PM
  • Hmm, actually, rebuilding your WMI repository and setting new access rights to CIMV2 namespace might be fastest way :)
    Friday, October 5, 2018 2:20 PM
  • Friday, October 5, 2018 2:22 PM
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