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  • Greetings,


    I am experiencing a persistent issue with several UI-related user preferences being reset to their default values when returning to my desktop after suspending, hibernating, undocking, logging off, or rebooting 64-bit Vista Ultimate. Specific examples include:


    1. All Task Manager customizations are eliminated, such as the size of the window, the 'Always On Top' setting, columns in the Processes and Networking tabs, etc.


    2. All mouse settings revert to default, most importantly the pointer speed


    3. The order of the gadgets in the Windows Sidebar changes to some non-sensical (but consistent) arrangement, even after removing all gadgets and adding them back one-at-a-time in the order I want to see them


    4. When using two monitors (internal laptop monitor + external monitor), the primary screen is sometimes not preserved, causing the Start menu, task bar, etc. to appear on the wrong screen


    Items 1 - 3 occur 100% of the time when I suspend, hibernate, undock, or log off. They occur seemingly randomly when rebooting while logged in. Item 4 seems random.


    This laptop is a stand-alone system. It does not belong to a domain, and only has local users / profiles.


    In an effort to force the proper settings to be retained, I have exported the contents of various registry keys that were configured properly, such as for the Task Manager and mouse settings, then attempted to re-import them once the desktop became hosed up again. Although I can import the .reg file successfully, the original good configuration does not return within the same session, after logging off/on, or after rebooting.


    I am not sure what each of these applications / configurations has in common, other than the fact that they are part of the core Vista Ultimate OS. I can work around the issues by manually re-setting each corrupt configuration, but as someone who closes the lid of his laptop and takes it on trips or to meetings multiple times each day, I literally spend up to an hour some days re-setting my user preferences. This isn't limiting any functionality, per se, but for practical purposes, this behavior is making my laptop borderline useless.


    Would anyone please propose another test I can conduct to either further diagnose the issue, or hopefully even resolve it? Thank you.



    Monday, March 17, 2008 6:29 PM