DFS replication, should I have the date only on the main member, or Can I have different data at the beginning of replication? RRS feed

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  • Hello All,

    I am Max, IT administrator in Paris. Sorry if my english is not perfect. Since few weeks, I started to test DFS.

    We have 2 sites, with 2 servers in windows 2012 R2, with almost 1.5To of Data for users. We have 150 users, and a 35 Mbps.

    I performed few tests during the previous weeks. I used differents replications groups and sync folders.
    Now I would like to simplify it by using only one main folder sync to one group. So the target is to administrate only one bandwith, and not mutliple. On Server1, we have 1To of Data, on Server2 500Go. My question is, Can I start a replication group, with server1 as main member, and place the 1to od data on server1 on the folder "share", at the same time I have a folder "share" on server 2 with 500go of Data. Will it create a conflict? Or should I First wait the replication of the server1, and then st the server2 as main member, and start the replication?
    Sorry If it is not very clear, I will higly apreciate any help or suggestion.

    Regards Max

    Friday, April 22, 2016 8:41 AM