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  • guys,

    when reading the following tutorial,

    i am encountering the following sentence:

    Replace deletes the mapped drive and then creates a new mapped drive with the configured settings. Update does NOT delete the mapped drive– it only modifies the mapped drive with the new settings

    but i dont get it. does this mean that, when creating a mapped drive x:\data and i am changing that through 'update' into y:\data, both mappings would be available?


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  • Am 02.04.2017 um 13:34 schrieb enlil:
    > Ok, so in which situation should i use update and in which replace?
    if you change net use settings on a daily base: replace
    if drive mapping is static: update, no need to "replace" existing ones.
    use "delete" if change is needed.
    Running Win 10 and replace is mostly a problem, because Win10 can re-map
    in the background and that will lead in closing explorer Windows
    triggered by "gpupdate" in Background. Thats wired, if User can not
    reproduce it, but tell you that "sometimes, explorer windows get closed"
    and this time, they really have done nothung ...
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