OS Win. 7 Premium 64 bit and IE 10: IE 10 suddenly stopped function...strange 'crash'. RRS feed

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  • So, originally in Win. 7 Prem. x64 I.Explorer 10 was installed and working fine: Firefox and Chrome were installed as well, I checked to assure I.Explorer was set as default--you must go to "setting programs and default" in Control Panel because IE 10 won't set completely to default in "Options".

    Then I read instruction data over installing older programs on this computer-ASUS N73S laptop an amazingly capable device-and found a quote I'll need to paraphrase, 'don't worry about installing any older programs: Win. 7 can accommodate them'. So I installed some of my favorite XP Home Sp3 x32 stuff and that's when IE 10 'gave-it-up'. ' went looking in C: to perhaps understand why IE 10 when 'called' flashed a ghost frame on the Desktop and didn't start: since I'd looked over C: drive, when I first started the computer, just to see what was 'under-the-hood', I noticed "Program Files", just ONE, and closed to go after getting use to the 7 x64 program quirks.

    After, IE 10 became a 'ghost', I went back to C: drive and found ANOTHER "Program Files" folder marked (x86): wasn't mentioned under 'its OK to 'seat' older programs in the "don't worry" Win. 7 OS'. Then I got serious and went to msconfig put the OS into 'clean-start' mode and tried IE 10 once more..."Safe Mode"...=IE absolutely would not play nice; then went back to C: drive and opened (x86) "Program Files": Shocked(!) to find IE 10 for the 64 bit OS in the (x86) "Program File" as well!

    I didn't put it there!!!

    ' assumed that when called both copies of IE 10 tried to 'answer' and 'defeated' each other causing a no-start instant crash displaying the 'ghost-frame'; just to tick me off, probably.

    As you well know, even if you empty "Program Files" by uninstalling programs in it, then try and delete the empty folder, most Win. OS's will put a 'death-grip' on their "system file": uninstalled IE 10 downloaded a copy of both models (suggested in the M.Soft K.base) and dutifully installed both: 32 bit first then 64 bit as an 'update': BUT, each and every time I installed either, 1, I couldn't direct where they were to be installed; 2, because they and the OS had their own ideas where the Programs would go. So, IE 10 ALWAYS installed in both C:\Program Files-folders. IE 9 x64 the same.

    [And now, worse, I'm stuck with, Firefox, that doesn't download worth a damn: you get the program 'shell' or container and the actual program set just next to the shell: the program is captioned program.exe.part; delete .part and sometimes the container will 'eat' its program, then you can install...maybe.]

    I attempted to convey this problem in an amusing way: BUT, I am very far from amused: 1, Microsoft rushes new OS's out the door like pancakes 2, then M soft 'slaughters' (removes support for) its older programs 3, which forces M. soft users to adopt the latest piece of M.soft's OS failures that prove themselves deficient: you can 'tell' by all the thousands of Updates needed for each; that they came out M.soft's doors RAW and unperfected.

    So, I'm stuck with this glitchy OS 7 64 bit "PREMIUM" model that is on its way to killing itself.

    I've gone through every bit of info. I could find 'everywhere' and tried improvement.

    So, M.soft Techies, now what do I do? Please do not tarry for I'm a total and permanent disabled Vietnam Veteran with 16 diseases due to being 'sprayed' in Vietnam by the CIA: my last kidney is tottering and in March I'll start my 69th year.

    Please do solve this problem before my rebuilt heart becomes 'non-default'.

    Sunday, August 18, 2013 11:15 AM


  • why IE 10 when 'called' flashed a ghost frame on the Desktop and didn't start:

    This seems to be your problem symptom.   Please try to start IE this way and tell us if your symptom changes.

    Run... (e.g. press Win-R and enter:)   iexplore.exe  -nohome  -extoff

    Does that stay open?   Then in order to use it you may need to use Stop (Alt-V p)

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle

    Sunday, August 18, 2013 4:36 PM