Windows 7 (64-bit) and Arkaos software... video display and internet access troubles RRS feed

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  • I'm running 64-bit win7 on an acer 6930G laptop, and have found some peculiar behaviours in two Arkaos applications. NuVJ and Arkaos' GrandVJ both behave wierdly.

    NuVJ's behaviour is the strangest, so I'll describe that first. It runs in 32-bit emulation mode (i'm assuming).

    The application features allows the user to mix two 'decks' of video samples, A and B, and output the product to an external monitor, as a full screen stream.

    The screen's interface displays three preview windows- one over each deck (above it's appropriate bank of content) and one in the middle, representing the mixed output (ie, what is sent to the external monitor.

    While this runs fine on Vista and XP (haven't tried 64-bit versions though) on win7 64-bit, the positions of the preview screens switch around... the mix preview goes swaps to the left position, the A deck swaps to the far right position, and the B deck swaps to the middle. This is very disorienting, and super strange.

    I've written to Arkaos about this, and they will be testing with Win7 64-bit  in September. I love arkaos products, and couldn't work without them :)

    As for GrandVJ, after installing it on win7 64-bit, I needed to activate my registration. I was unable to do this, as it seems the app was not able to access the internet... despite the network connection working fine for my browser and several other applications. I have had this exact same problem with another program I use called SmartSound Pro.

    If anyone can afford me any advice on these matters that would be great... I'd love to hear some opinions on these compatibility issues, and hopefully arrive at a solution soon!
    Thursday, August 27, 2009 2:47 AM