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  • Hello everyone :) , i work in an IT department in france and I need some help :

    i am new to SC DPM : I have configured a server (under Hyper-V ) with Microsoft Data Protection Manager on it, i followed the instructions given by this TechNet link : . 

    (SQL server is OK)

    i did the DPM Agent deployment via SCCM on a VM collection just to make sure that the agent is working well and it is OK , the agents are listed on the DPM console . 

    when i try to set up a new protection rule, i select my computer, i need to backup a folder wich contains the username : i.e. : on the computer named VM-W10 i need to backup 'c:\username' fodler but i can't use 'C:\%USERNAME%\' as folder path, and the  environement variable is not detected when i do this and on the agent ( computer side), it says that i cant synchronize, because there is no folder selected ...

    anyone have an idea ?

    moreover, i need to backup a folder inside the folder which contain the username : i.e. : I need to backup the 'C:\username\mail'  folder but we can't know in advance what is the name of the folder on C:\{username} on each computer who have the agent installed . 

    sorry for my bad english if any ...

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  • hello,

    really ?

    nobody knows ?

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  • Hi,

    If you want to backup users data you have to choose protect "Clients" when create new protection group 

    Friday, March 25, 2016 12:41 PM
  • hi, thanks for reply : i've already choose to protect client, but i need to backup a folder on C which has the same name as the username if the user is logged as jhondoe on the domain , there will be a folder on C:\jhondoe on the computer but this folder was created by our IT Team, and to be created we had to change the location of the user profile : right click on the profile foldername : "c\users\jhondoe",  tab location, set location to "C:\jhondoe" . So we have to find a way to backup the C:\jhondoe folder from Data ProtectionManager, but in a automated way ... DPM isn't recognizing the environment variable %USERNAME% ( ) i tried %USERPROFILE% variabe and its the same result, the folder is not selected in bold on the agent on the client computer . 

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  • Maybe you can do workaround - create symlink c:\profiles = c:\username

    On DPM server you include patch c:\profiles

    or if you have not a lot of users you can create on DPM server all users directories (c:\user1, c:\user2...)  

    Wednesday, March 30, 2016 9:59 AM