MDT 2013 SP2 with WDS only. USMT not capturing profiles for Windows 10 Pro nor Windows 7 Pro RRS feed

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  • I have started a different thread that I have asked more suggestions on more than one topic besides USMT; "MDT 2013 Update 2 deployment of Windows 10 success without success"

    I have used USMT with batch files in the past for our migration from XP SP3 x64 to Windows 7 x64 Pro, with more than moderate success (at that time MDT and WDS was not part of our infrastructure).

    MDT 2013 SP2 and WDS with WADK for Windows 10 x64 Pro 1607 is all in place and we do not use SCCM.

    I'm at a loss having USMT work properly, between TS and customsettings.ini. I have tried many iterations of commands and syntax to capture profile from a Win 7 machine and Win 10 machine, and its like scanstate.exe is not even being activated.

    I have even attempted to make a custom config.xml file for USMT as well. I'm also not sure how I would call that in the TS or customsettings.ini.

    In TS I have not made any alterations to the "capture user state" option, expecting that the commands in customsettings.ini will take over (at least in my vast research is how it should work).

    Here is some of my research on attempting to get help and or examples, however in some cases even though it should to be for MDT2013 SP2 in the end I find out the information is for a different version;

    Below are the different syntax I have used in my customsettings.ini file which all have no success:


    ScanStateArgs=/v:5 /o /c
    LoadStateArgs=/v:5 /c /lac /lae



    ScanStateArgs=/v:5 /o /c /all /uel:60
    LoadStateArgs=/v:5 /c


    ScanStateArgs=/v:5 /o /c /all /uel:60
    LoadStateArgs=/v:5 /c /lac

    When the pc PXE/WDS boot and launches LTI/ZTI, seems that the TS takes over and I can see what looks like majority of the tasks are being "executed" and then all of a sudden the drive is partition and the OS is being installed.

    Upon restart of windows desktop comes up and the the install application runs; Office and 1 other item installs without issue. Later I see the user restore task runs; of course nothing to put back.

    At the end of the entire install process shows failures which is USMT related (as noted in last thread);

    "No user state folder (USMT) compatible with USMT5 found at \\server\backup, unable to restore user state. Please check if you are using a version of USMT that is compatible with this Operating System. USMT3 cannot be restored to Windows 7 or greater."

    I have looked at the ZTIUserState.wsf script, it shows it should look in the USMT5 folder to run the scanstate and the default MIG*.xml files. 

    I just don't understand where this is all falling down.

    Any suggestions and help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you,


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  • I'm having the same issue. Were you able to make it work?

    I didn't have success into trying to capture user state to a network share, and when i try to make the "offline" way, it fails on the restore and i can't understand why...
    Thursday, March 15, 2018 7:52 PM