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  • I have a shared SCCM 2007 secondary site server that I'd like to upgrade to a SCCM 2012 Distribution Point. I went to the Administration>Migration>Source Hierarchy>Shared Distribution Points and right clicked and hit Upgrade and then proceeded through the Upgrade Shared Distribution Point Wizard. Then under Administration>Migration>Distribution Point Upgrades, monitored that status, but even though I left it overnight, the status is still "Upgrade distribution point." I checked under the Monitoring>Distribution Status>Distribution Point Configuration Status and selected the name of my distribution point and noticed that I'd forgotten to add the Site Server's computer account to the local admin group on my Distribution Point Server. But even though I've corrected that, the status of the upgrade has not changed and there is nothing of note in resource manager indicating that the process is underway.

    Are there any additional logs to monitor the progress of the in-place Distribution Point upgrade? Are there any other troubleshooting steps I can do to determine why the status of the upgrade isn't complete?

    Tuesday, May 22, 2012 12:23 PM

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  • Ben,

    First off, great question.  There could be a couple of reasons why the upgrade has not completed.  First, the ConfigMgr 2007 secondary site has not completed uninstall.  Check ConfigMgr 2007 log files and console to confirm.  Once the Secondary Site has completed uninstall the next Data Gathering process will recognize that the secondary site has been uninstalled and then proceed with the ConfigMgr 2012 DP installation.  Hope that explains the process a bit more and where to troubleshoot. 

    Thursday, May 24, 2012 4:03 PM
  • Thanks for the reply. The uninstall completed successfully as indicated by the ConfigMgrSetup.log file in the root of the C drive on the old secondary site server. The install of the new Distribution point also appears to have competed successfully as I'm able to redistribute new packages to it and see them SCCMContentLib directory growing in size on the drive I specified to store the packages on. 

    The problem is all the packages that were on the DP before I upgrade it show as failed distribution in the SCCM 2012 console (I can remove them and re-add them successfully). And Administration>Migration>Distribution Point Upgrades still shows a status of "Upgrading distribution point." Removing them and re-adding them is easist enough as long as I have time to wait.

    Friday, May 25, 2012 12:08 PM
  • Did you check the distmgr.log and migmctrl.log during DP upgrading? They might include some useful information for diagnostic. 
    Monday, May 28, 2012 9:17 AM
  • There are a few errors every 20 mins in the distmgr.log file that looks related. The main one being:

    CWmi::Connect() failed to connect to \\server.domain.LOCAL\root\CIMv2. Error = 0x800706BA

    But I can launch wbemtest and connect to \\server.domain.LOCAL\root\CIMv2 remotely just fine and I also enabled firewall logging on the 2008 server I'm trying to upgrade the DP on and verified that there are no dropped connections.


    Tuesday, May 29, 2012 7:50 PM
  • I finally canceled it by going into Site Systems and deleting the DP role from the server. Then I tried to make it a distribution point again only for it to fail at the same point again (according to the distmgr.log). So I canceled it again and reran it as my admin user instead of as the main site server's computer account. And this time it worked, which is really odd since my admin account and the main site server's computer account are both in the local admin group of the destination server.

    I've gotten this one fixed, but the main problem described above remains unanswered: What are all the logs involved in monitoring an in-place upgrade?

    Here is what I have so far:
    Administration>Migration>Distribution Point Upgrades
    Monitoring>Distribution Status>Distribution Point Configuration Status
    C:\ConfigMgrSetup.log (on the distribution point)
    :\SMS_DP$\sms\logs\smsdpprov.log (on the distribution point)
    :\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\distmgr.log (on main site server)
    Friday, June 1, 2012 8:19 PM
  • I went 0-4 on in-place upgrades and ended up just redistributing all the content to each DP. Has anyone actually see the in-place distribution point upgrade work?
    Tuesday, June 12, 2012 10:00 PM
  • Hi Ben,

    Here is a outcome of my inplace distribution point upgrade from SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2012 DP.

    I got success after 3 days long struggle.

    in your part , if it still showing progress of the in-place Distribution Point upgrade, than go to monitoring Tab of SCCM2012 and see the section Content statusà Distribution point Config. Status. Click in the DP you are upgrading and see details section below  right side of Summary. From here you can monitor DP up-gradation and can see errors.

    In my case I am success now and my DP upgrade status showing “Completed upgrade distribution point”   and my all migrated packages now showing installed.

    So finally below are the section of monitoring an in-place upgrade

    1. Distmgr.log ( of SCCM 2012)
    2. Migmctrl ( of SCCM 2012)
    3. SCCM2012 , go to monitoring and see the section Content statusà Distribution point Config. Status -> click on DP - > check Details tab.

    Regards, PBC

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012 6:55 AM
  • I am finishing up a project where the customer had ~50 SCCM 2007 BDPs and 4 Secondary Sites.  We've had about a 66% success rate on upgrading the BDPs to SCCM 2012 DPs, but we are 0 for 4 on secondary site upgrade to 2012 Distribution Points, and no consistency in how they fail. 

    And what is disappointing is that there are few error messages to indicate what is failing.  To me it looks like the migration process is easily interrupted and has no retry logic.  Overall, upgrading BDPs and secondary sites in-place to 2012 DPs is a big gamble. 

    Friday, August 17, 2012 1:57 PM
  • Hi all

    I would like to share my experience with migrating from SCCM 2007 Distribution Points to SCCM 2012. We have in our test environment 39 secondary site systems with the role of distribution points and I wanted to play with the migration feature "Share Distribution Point" scenario. In the night in which I had prepared the Secondary sites using the migration wizard, 30 of the 39 sites completed in approximately 3 hours with the status "Completed upgrade distribution point". On all distribution points the same completion date was entered. It seems that a task at specific times in the background check again whether the migration is complete and the status is consolidated. The remaining 9 Distribution Points were then completed almost exactly after 12 hours.

    I then inquired about the migrated packages. On the night not a single package came in the status 'Targeted'. After about 12 hours I saw at once that now at least the distribution points were recorded in most packages. The status 'Installed' but got no distribution point. I then startet at about 10 packages an update distribution job. These then became the status of 'Installed' more than 4 hours later. Then the weekend was between and on Monday morning, no other distribution points were listed as 'Installed'. I checked local on the distribution point, if all of the packages was converted. This was the case, not only the 10 I have updated. The packages then should be available during deployments, I think. But I have not tested it.

    If you have looked at a package converted times more precise, the status of most distribution point is 'Unknown'. I then googled for this situation, and I have found this article. There seems to be a bug which is currently in a solving process.

    For me, there are two solutions for this problem:
    1. Waiting for the hotfix and the problem is then solved centrally. By the fact, that we migrate the 340 Secodary Sites in 3 weeks, I don't think that this hotfix will be available.

    2. Depending on the number of distribution points and packages it may be helpful if all 'targeted' packages are again updated. In this 'Unknown' status situation I simply do not know if the packages are really available or not.

    I found another problem with the Distribution Point migration. Actually with the migration of SCCM 2007 Secondary Site Server to SCCM 2012 remote Distribution Point, an uninstallation of the secondary site server should be performed. We had tested this with SCCM 2012 RTM and it was working at that time. With the update to SCCM 2012 SP1 here again seems a problem with the migration to be added. In the SCCM 2007 environment, the Secondary Site Server were removed during migration. But not local uninstalled, even after 3 days.

    Conclusion to the Distribution Point in SCCM 2012 SP1 migration:
    As always, you just have to have patience until the migration jobs are completed. Certain tasks must then be carried out by hand. In my view, the missing log information is the biggest problem. Without the log information I was blind during the migration. If you only have a short window for migration and like us, that we need to migrate 340 Secondary Site Server in the production environment, the scenario must be carefully considered. We proof now to not migrate the Secondary Sites with the Migration Wizzard, but start from the ground up a new installation of Distribution Points followed by the necessary sync packages.

    Kind regards Stefan Somogyi

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    Monday, April 29, 2013 9:45 AM
  • Hi 

    we have cm12 r2 environment. I am not found any difficulty. some time after DP installed package not converted. so I droped DPID.DPU file in dismgr box..


    Sunday, November 2, 2014 10:55 AM