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  • Greeting everyone,

      As a technician, I have done numerous back-ups in the past with older version of Microsoft and Apple products. However recently, I have been tasked to create a back-up on a Windows 7 PC and to rid the PC of all files and documents once the back-up has been done on an external HDD.

      when I begin to back-up, I noticed that there are things like "first back-up/start back-up now" and "back-up". From what I have learned, the user have no idea if he had done any back-up in the past.

      So my quires are as followed:

    - What is the difference between "first back-up/start back-up now" and "back-up"?

    - Which one of the two should I initial, based on the above given scenario?

    - If I were to initial the first, Should I click on "Back up now" to fully back-up the PC after the former is completed?

      Hope someone would answer me as I am stuck with this issue as I speak.

     Thanks and God Bless,


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  • Good Evening,

    I think it’s necessary to difference between File Backup and Image Backup. 

    There is an Official FAQ for Backup feature in Windows 7 and I think you should review it first.

    Back up and restore: frequently asked questions

    If you would like to get a full backup of the whole system, you should use “Image Backup” (from Backup and Restore -> Create a system image) and make sure you have select all drives in “Which drives do you want to include in the backup” list. Windows 7 will create a backup folder with your computer name as it’s folder name and you can find a .vhd file inside. This vhd file is a full mirror copy and contains all file data and partition info so you can use this image backup to restore the whole system if necessary.

    If you want to check and make sure everything was included in the image backup, please run Diskmgmt.msc to open the Disk Management and load the vhd file via Action -> Attach VHD – Browse…

    Meanwhile, you should use File backup in Backup and Restore to backup your personal files or system settings. You have read "somewhere that "program files" are excluded", yes, this is correct, but it only occurs in File backup and it’s not recommend to backup programs via File backup.

    You can refer to the following thread:

    PS: Which kind of backup you have performed and do you find any file missing except “program files” folder?

    Personally, I think backup in Windows 7 is helpful for home user and add the support to attach .vhd is a great feature (for me, at least). Is there anything unclear?

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