actuall data less, but E: partition shows full


  • HI ALL,

    I have a file server. and a storage lun is presented to it , size is 2.5TB. It is partition is E: in the system.

    i can see in properties of E: that it is showing 2.20 TB used space and 298 GB free space. but when entered E and right click on all folders and see the size of the data, it is showing around 1.2TB of size only.

    why it is showing 2.20 used space when data is only 1.28 TB. i also confirmed from storage management console that it is 2.5TB presented to the file server and consumption showing as 2.2TB. how?

    Is there anything to check?

    thank you in advance



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  • Hi. Please check the LUN from the SAN's management console to confirm.

    If it show the same space used, then a hidden file or something big is hidden somewhere. I would use windirstat in exemple (a freeware) that will show where the data is.

    If the SAN show another size, then be sure you don't have a fat table corruption or such by running a chkdsk at first

    Regards, Philippe

    Tuesday, February 18, 2014 2:02 AM