Email / Domain name setup RRS feed

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  • Can't seem to find an easy answer to this. I'm sure there is one. I'm new to W2003/ Exchange 2007 server having generally used linux stuff before.

    We have a server with a few users - nothing special. Email and web stuff is hosted at our provider. We collect mail via POP3 and send it with SMTP to our providers smarthost. Nothing unusual for a small company.

    I would like to use our internet domain name locally, but our website is hosted elsewhere. How on earth do I tell this thing how to forward any queries for particular hosts elsewhere ?

    e.g. our domain name is company.com

    I would like local DNS queries for www. company.com forwarded offsite.

    It would make setting up Exchange a lot easier - currently you have to add additional SMTP addresses in and let it rename the headers. As I can't see a simple way to forward queries, I have set it up with a company.local domain but would rather not do this.

    Anyone give me some pointers ?

    Dissappointingly, I could have done all this in linux in a few clicks / commands. Why does Microsoft have to make it so complicated ?

    Thursday, May 31, 2007 11:16 AM