Temporary IPv6 addresses


  • Hello,

    I try to become acquaint with IPv6. For this I created a small lab network with public addresses. My windows clients are successfully connecting to the IPv6 public world.
    But one thing I can't understand is the temporary IPv6 address.

    I already searched some time and found an MS article "IPv6 interface identifiers" and others but finally I don't understand it.

    What I believe is:
    - The temporary address is generated dynamicly to protect the computer identity using privacy extensions. The address is used for less importent services like webbrowsing etc. 
    - The normal IPv6 address should be static and created without privacy extensions. But in Windows using SLAAC it isn't. It is dynamic like the temporary address.
    So I can't find any benefit of the temporary address???

    Greetings Malte
    Monday, May 27, 2013 9:53 PM