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  • Hello,

    I have a SharePoint List where many dates can be associated to an item. 

    I would like to have a calculated field that shows the earliest date, and I used the =MIN function. The problem is, in some cases all the date fields are blank, and then the calculated field shows the defaiult value which is a date in 1899... 

    How could I make sure that the calculated field also stays blank in this case?

    I was thinking of the ISBLANK option but I have 9 fields that I look at. My current function looks like this:

    =MIN([Date 1],[Date 2],[Date 3],[Date 4],[Date 5],[Date 6],[Date 7],[Date 8],[Date 9])

    How can I add the ISBLANK condition to all? Is there another way of doing this? 

    Thank you. 

    Thursday, December 6, 2018 1:22 PM

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  • I think you could wrap an IF statement around each item like this:


    IF(ISBLANK([Date 1]),[Value if blank],[Date 1])

    You'd do that for each one. I'm not 100% sure on what to put in the value if blank area, may have to tinker with it. I'd try putting "01/01/2099" first and see if that works. Quotes are important.

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    Thursday, December 6, 2018 5:58 PM