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    This is a curious and difficult issue to describe for Windows Explorer (explorer.exe).  I would not call it a problem, but it is an inconvenience.


    Let’s say that you have a lot of folders that hold a great many photos and scanned images.


    Let’s also say that the photos in a particular folder need a DateTaken date, consisting of just the YEAR, MONTH, and assumed day of 01.


    Now, let’s assume that you are a late night person, during the season when Daylight Savings Time (DST) is in effect (like right now).


    And, let’s assume that some of these folders need dates during the period when DST was NOT in effect.


    For example, it is 12:37am.  You decide to select all photos in a particular folder, choose Properties, Details, and Set the DateTaken to 1981/02/01 (February 01, 1981), and OK.


    When you check the DateTaken, you will find that it is 1981/01/31 (January 31, 1981) at 11:37pm, exactly one hour before the date you specified.


    Now, had you waited until it was after 1am in the morning, the DateTaken would have been 1981/02/01, and you probably would not have cared about the time as you simply wanted the date to be correct. 


    But, because you were doing this when the time in the range of 00:00am to 00:59am, you got trapped into the DST area where the DateTaken was set one hour earlier because the date you wanted was in Standard Time instead of Daylight Savings Time.


    Now, let’s assume one more point:  Before you recognized the error, you did this to roughly 200 folders, with about 3000 scanned images, which took one hour, which you were very efficient at, and applied all of these DateTaken dates between midnight and 1am.


    Lastly, let’s add VERY ANNOYED to this curious and difficult issue.



    Sunday, October 26, 2008 4:29 PM