how to move FIM 2010 from Evaluation copy to Lincensed version using current setup RRS feed


  • Hello,

    Søren is explaining this very good in the blog post you are referring to. Let me break it down for you:

    "The Microsoft answer was: "There are two components which will timeout, the FIM Synchronization Service and FIM Certificate Management. The key is in included in the installation so you move from Eval to VL is by uninstalling Eval and install VL media. The configuration is stored in the database(s) so you do not lose any information in the upgrade. As usual, take a backup before you start and make sure you have a copy of the encryption keys for Sync."

    So go ahead, make appropriate backups of data and encryption keys and turn your trial into the real deal after purchasing a valid license."

    So. there you go:
    1. Make sure you got appropriate backups of the FIM sync and FIM service database, and the encryption key.
    2. Uninstall the Eval version for FIM Synchronization service. (This will not remove you database from SQL).
    3. Install the licensed version of FIM Synchronization service and point to your exisiting database during installation.
    4. You should now be up and running with the licensed version.

    NB: It`s important that you don`t mix FIM versions on this stage. You should install at the same path level that you uninstall.
    Needless to say, perhaps, but you should do this in a lab first to test ;)

    Regards, Remi

    Thursday, April 25, 2013 2:02 PM