Guest VM with FC Switch fails with error


  • Hi all, i have one HP DL360 Gen9 Server with FC connection to a HP MSA 2040 G4 Storage. I DON'T have FC switch between them, there is direct connection from Server FC HBA to Storage Controller's Port.

    The host runs Windows 2012 R2 Standard, fully updated. The Server and the Storage are also fully updated (firmware and drivers) . I have created one Win 2012 R2 Std VM. I want to present on that VM one Virtual FC card for direct access to some storage's LUNs. I have created my Virtual SAN Switch but when i add the fibre channel adapter to that VM the VM fails to start with error:

    "The operation failed with error code '32788'".

    Does anyone knows if it is supported to have Guest VMs with Fibre Channel Adapter WITHOUT having an FC switch?

    Wednesday, March 1, 2017 9:52 AM