Windows 7 Issue :: Problem in unlocking / log in to win 7 when password contains "P", "p" , "U" or "u" RRS feed

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  • If your win 7 password contains any of the following characters & you locked your screen while a remote session is open on your win7 system you will face issue as when you try to enter your win7 system password on win login screen & press  "P", "p" , "U" or "u" (any) as pert of your password you will be prompted with "Ease of Access" selection screen (in case of "u" or "U") or Screen selection window (in case of "p" or "P") & as a result you will not be able to login to your system.


    For "u" or "U" :

    When the "Ease of Access" window appears continue typing your password, if you close that window it will appear again when you type in the pass again. :)

    For "p" or "P" :

    If the screen selection window appears simply close it than click on the ""Ease of Access" icon to open the "Ease of Access" screen than close it & again enter your password .. you will get in. :)

    Thursday, September 27, 2012 11:58 AM