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    I have red about problems like this on forum, but it did not solve my problem.

    I am IT student, so i need to install some advanced Mistosoft tools, that are not initially installed an my Vista Home Premium.

    First time i tried to install NServiceBus, about 6 months ago.

    Tutorial says that i should enter "Programs and Features" -> "Turn Windows Features On or off"

    When i do that, there is "loading" and about after 10 seconds i can se list of aviable tools.

    This list is not very long...

    It has 0 elements :(

    I was told that it is because of "Home Premium".

    Just recently i was trying to install IIS. I am developing MVC 3 applications, that run in Visual Studio 2010. I am trying to install IIS server.

    I got to know, that it is possible to install it on Vista Home Premium. Yes, using "Programs And Features"->"Turn Windows Features On or off"

    Now i see, that no matter what release of Vista Do I have, "Windows Features" empty list is some error for 100%.

    I have heared of 2 solutioms:  system restore (I do not want to restore system to version from 2 year ago!!) also i do not want to backup all my data and install Windows 7, because i do not have time for that till mext summer - very busy :).


    I am looking for direct solution to detect and destroy the reason of my problem. In similar topics there was a piece of advice, to run scan that generates CBS logs.

    Information in cmd.exe after that process, was that not every problem was repaired.

    Now i will present 3 log files from folder C:\Windows\Logs\CBS

    I hope some guru could help :).

    I do not know when "Windows Features" crushed - because when i first needed it (after 1,5 year of using my installton of vista), it already malfunctioned.

    There is .rar compressed folder with 3 log filest from C:\Windows\Logs\CBS :



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