Help me please, I need a VISTA compatable driver for a Smartax MT882 ADSL Modem. RRS feed

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  • Can anyone help me please. My next door neighbour has just purchased a Dell Dimension PC and plugged in his Smartax MT882 TalkTalk supplied modem. He says it worked for a day and crashed and now nothing! I have tried to re-install using the TalkTalk CD but VISTA will not have it, I'm pretty sure the driver on the CD is NOT VISTA compatable. The funny thing is he got it working briefly (1 Day) using the LAN connection and NOT the USB connection! I cannot get either to work. I have tried a 'driver' form DriverGuide.com to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanking you all in advance!
    Saturday, March 3, 2007 7:14 PM

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  • You only need the CD if you are using the USB connection; however the current USB drivers do NOT work with Vista.

    If  you are using Ethernet then just visit   and set up the modem from there. Do NOT use the CD if you use Ethernet.

    If the modem failed after one day, then it is likely that the problem is simply that the Username and Password were NOT saved in the modem; so when it was switched off they were lost.

    See  http://forums.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/forum_posts.asp?TID=5341&PN=1&TPN=2   for the full answer.

    Sunday, March 4, 2007 10:22 PM
  • Still there is no driver for VISTA.

    I m late to help you but this will help others; the software provided by this manufacture contains some bug( in XP).


    If u already install the driver and USB still not working then I must tell u that u can’t repair or reinstall it (that’s the main problem). so try to install it properly at once.


    If u are using LAN and wanted to connect two computers than you need a switch.


    Mt882 is a router so you don’t need to dial connection always, router can automatically dial connection without use of computer. To do so you need to connect your router (Mt882) with your PC LAN or USB. Go to IE or any other browser then type this is the default IP for your router. If nothing displays then go to my network places > connections, select LAN connection go to properties click on TCP/IP and then its properties, click on use following IP addresses (you are manually assigning IPs and Gateway)

    Set IP address: or or 192.168.1.(Any number below 256)

    Subnet Mask:

    Default Gateway:

    And DSN address as:

    Preferred DSN service:

    Now again try in your browser.  It will ask for user name and password try “admin” and “admin” for both. If user and password “admin” doesn’t work, then grab your router and press its reset button using a pin or something like it. This will restore all factory settings. Now try again.

    When you are in side, under HOME look for WAN settings. Select PVC number where VPI/VCI is 0/35. Change WAN type to PPP and Connection Type to PPPoe enter your Connection User name and Password, apply and its all done.

    Try to access internet , if you cant then go to internet options in tools and then connections > LAN settings select automatically deduct settings.

    To test you have done all correct switch off and on your mt882 and wait for link, the indicator will turn red if it is directly connected by router, and if router fails to connect indicator remains green even after 30 sec. then reset your router and configure again, I hope this time works....

    You can also connect 2 computers without using any switch, make your mt882 as router and the connect 1 with USB and other with LAN.


    Thursday, October 25, 2007 4:34 PM