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  • I am creating a budget excel in Excel 2011 and I am stumped. I get paid twice a month and I run a pay period budget guide to help me spend money the way I need with two bank accounts. I have one column that is the "Master" Column that has EVERY transaction, a column that has the type of transaction, a column with which bank accounts (dropdown menu) and two separate columns for each account totals of each.

    This format will be repeated every two weeks (first one starts at A1 and in two weeks start it at A34). At the moment I am entering everything except the totals by hand. I just want to enter the master column and the 2 account columns will be populated automatically. I also wouldn't mind having a popup, where I enter the info and date and everything else would be done automatically. How do I accomplish this feet? I also have some Constant info (like pay, mortgage, phone bill.... etc...) how do I freeze this part of the spreedsheet?

    https://skydrive.live.com/embedphoto.aspx/excel/excel.jpg?cid=6db88fd30bfe0771&sc=photos  There is the screenshot of the excel sheet.  The part in blue is the constant and should remain visible just like the title bar at the top. The Master column is the Amount and Description. I want to enter the amount under amount and it will automatically be put under account 1 or account 2 depending on the From column.

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011 10:53 PM


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