How do we install the "Application Server" role features required by MIM 2016 on Windows 2016 server?


  • I am trying to get MIM 2016 installed on a Windows Server 2016 Standard host.

    I follow the deploy MIM 2016 guide as provided by Microsoft.

    In the setup Windows Server section of

    I am asked to add the Application Server role. This is deprecated in Windows Server 2016 although the guide is guiding you on Windows Server 2016!!!

    In section 7 it says run these PS commands:

    import-module ServerManager
    Install-WindowsFeature Web-WebServer, Net-Framework-Features,rsat-ad-powershell,Web-Mgmt-Tools,Application-Server,Windows-Identity-Foundation,Server-Media-Foundation,Xps-Viewer –includeallsubfeature -restart -source d:\sources\SxS

    Seriously WTF Microsoft?

    What features are required here.

    Thursday, May 31, 2018 10:42 AM

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