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  • I've been brought into this situation of which I am an intern so if more information is needed, I can provide:

    Currently have a 2003 SBS Server, 1 Physical 2008R2, and 7VM's spread over five blades. We are looking to move the entire environment to 2008 R2 making it native and lose the 2003 server and turn it into another box on the domain.  The 2003 SBS server was the first server which gave it all the primary FSMO roles.  The blades and such were all added after the initial setup 2-3 years later.  

    Suggestions as to the easiest or perhaps the best way to migrate?  

    We've thought of perhaps building a separate box, and setting up AD, DNS, DC, etc.. basically mirroring what is setup now, then shutting down the SBS server/plugging in the new server in place.


    Do we setup our new 2008R2 server, then transfer the roles of the 2003 SBS to the new box and go about it that way?  have read about there being potential issues down the road from Migrating vs. Starting Fresh...  Thoughts?

    Thursday, September 26, 2013 3:32 PM