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  • Hello pips!

    Does`s anybody know if it is possible to have the PeoplePicker show another attribute then DisplayName when you have selected a object?

    I don`t use DisplayName on the given objecttype, and therefore the list is "empty" even though I selected one.

    Regards, Remi

    Tuesday, August 06, 2013 5:18 PM


  • No this is not possible, but seeing as you're not using it you can always use FIM workflow to derive a value for you.  I use this approach myself when I need to enforce a unique display name on a FIM resource that has multi-part keys ... in my case I had an entitlement resource type which was unique for every userID/startDate/endDate combination.  I used a set transition (in) MPR on the "all entitlements with no display name" set (i.e. /Person[not(starts-with(DisplayName,'%'))] to fire a workflow which used the FIM Function Evaluator activity to construct DisplayName by concatenating other properties on that entitlement object.  You can use the same approach.  You don't have to use a set-transition MPR either - and in fact you may need to recalculate your DisplayName property when any of the contributing values change.

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