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  • Hello All - Good day !

    I have encountered a strange situation during agent installation. I'm trying to install an agent in one of the DC and i'm getting below error

    When i check the pending management pane, i do not find the server in the list. 

    A little background. Earlier, we had 2007R2 agent in this server and then we installed SCOM 2016  agent. However, it was in grayed out state. So i ran the HSLockdown command and then it changes state to healthy in SCOM 20072, However, it never did come up in 2016. So i deleted the 2016 MS in Microsoft monitoring Agent window in control Panel. Now , though i removed i could find this server in SCOM 2016 in not monitored state.  

    Later, i removed the stale objects using the below command

    DECLARE @name varchar(255) = '%Servername%'
    SELECT BaseManagedEntityId, FullName, DisplayName, IsDeleted, Path, Name
    FROM BaseManagedEntity WHERE FullName like @name OR DisplayName like @name
    ORDER BY FullName

    DECLARE @EntityId uniqueidentifier = 'E43B141A-3A0F-EDE9-D65D-021AAD1D882E'
    DECLARE @TimeGenerated datetime;
    SET @TimeGenerated = getutcdate();
    EXEC dbo.p_TypedManagedEntityDelete @EntityId, @TimeGenerated;

    SELECT count(*) FROM BaseManagedEntity WHERE IsDeleted = 1

    DECLARE @TimeGenerated DATETIME, @BatchSize INT, @RowCount INT
    SET @TimeGenerated = GETUTCDATE()
    SET @BatchSize = 10000
    EXEC p_DiscoveryDataPurgingByRelationship @TimeGenerated, @BatchSize, @RowCount
    EXEC p_DiscoveryDataPurgingByTypedManagedEntity @TimeGenerated, @BatchSize, @RowCount
    EXEC p_DiscoveryDataPurgingByBaseManagedEntity @TimeGenerated, @BatchSize, @RowCount

    Now the server, no longer is in the windows computer pane, pending management pane nor the agent managed pane, But still no luck and receive the same error. I have flushed the cache and restarted the SCOM services , not luck either. 

    Can you please advise ?


    Wednesday, July 3, 2019 10:34 AM


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