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  • Here's the scenario:

    1. I was handed a very large project file with 2k+ tasks; in reality it is multiple workstreams that rollup onto a program; and if I had to do it over, I would have probably created them as separate project files. 

    2. The way the dependencies have been built into the project, the relationships are very complex. For instance 1 task is worktsream1 driving MANY tasks in workstream2 -- which is probably not even a correct representation of the relationship.

    I now need to start reporting on "inter-workstream dependencies" and I cant find a good way to report out. What are my options? I cant seem to find any "reports"/"views" etc. that would help with it and I hate to do it manually. Also shud I try and clean up the project 1st so the inter-workstream dependencies are a bit easier to handle -- like perhaps link at "roll-up" task level? Are there any templates/plug-ins etc that can provide a visual report I am looking for. Thanks! 

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  • S Brar,

    Let me answer you last question first. Do NOT "roll up" links to summary level (see:

    Actually at project file with 2K+ tasks is very appropriate for a single file and if there are valid interdependencies between workstreams, then it is better to have everything in a single file rather than separating individual workstreams into individual project files and creating inter-project links. The latter creates a corruption prone structure.

    As far as cleaning up the file, yes, you should definitely review the task interdependencies and remove those that do not represent real dependencies and add any that should be linked. A file with meaningless links between tasks is worthless.

    With regard to reporting on inter-workstream dependencies, what type of information do you need? The standard way of looking at that information is via the Network Diagram, Descriptive Network Diagram, or Relationship Diagram. If you need reports that are more related to data, perhaps some grouping or filtering can isolate the desired tasks. Tell us what you need and we'll help you out.

    By the way, what version of Project are you using? Is it fully updated with the latest Public Updates? Are you working with Project Online or in a Project Server environment?


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