Error (Data mining): In mining model,XXX , the algorithm does not allow a table column as predictable


  • I,m trying to predict a nested table based on another nested table using Microsoft Neural Network algorithm, but I'm getting the following error:

    Error (Data mining): In mining model, Project, the algorithm does not allow a table column as predictable.

    the following is my data view:

    In the data mining wizard, I selected project as the case, and EST and Actual as Nested.

    The following is my mining model structure:

    The goal is to predict the actual services with their value for a given estimated services (with their cost) of a project.

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  • Keys (as in "Service Description") are not predictable.  If you want to predict that attribute, then you cannot have that value as a key.  In any case, keys are unique values and would have no value for prediction, since no grouping could be done around similar values.

    Mark Tabladillo PhD (MVP, SAS Expert; MCT, MCITP, MCAD .NET)

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