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  • So this is interesting, for awhile now the online search has not worked for any users. After a lot of research I attempted to use the ResetSearchIndexes.ps1 script and it worked as planned.

    The full crawl of the single Database I reset only takes about 7 minutes.

    Well here's the weird part...

    During the crawl and rebuilding of the index, I was able to search my emails without issues (aside from it being a little slow but it is in online mode).

    As soon as the crawl was completed (event id 110) the search feature stopped working again. I have replicated this several times now and as soon as the crawl is done, it stops returning any search results what so ever.

    Has anyone seen anything like this and found a fix? I've been tailing the logs, looking at performance counters, and monitoring the services but can't figure out why this is happening...

    Any ideas?

    P.s. The data file for the mailbox is in online mode and no it cannot be cached for space reasons. The server is a Windows Server 2003 and is running Exchange 2007 SP2.

    Wednesday, October 2, 2013 6:26 PM

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  • Hi,

    I would like to recommend we try the following script:

    Exchange 2007 Index Rebuild Analyzer



    Simon Wu
    TechNet Community Support

    Saturday, October 5, 2013 4:27 PM
  • I went ahead and ran this script against one of the databases that doesn't work (they all don't work no matter where the user is [even newly created ones]).  Output is below, though I'm not so sure exactly what it means.

    Server                              : EXCHANGE07
    Database                            : MailGroup_A_C
    EDB Size (GB)                       : 29.247
    EDB Size (MB)                       : 29949.391
    Mailbox Count                       : 23
    Database: Total Items               : 486100
    Database: Total Item Size (MB)      : 24806.121
    Database: Average Message Size (MB) : 0.051
    Per User: Average Mailbox Size (MB) : 1078.527
    Per User: Avg. Item Count           : 21134.783

    If EDB means Estimated Database Size, well that's probably about right.  Though when looking at the index catalog, it's no where close to any size to be approximate, it's been about a week since rebuilding at it's still at 129 kb.

    I do see in File Explorer when I proceed into the Database folder for a group, there are two folders for catalog data.  Those are the ones which are only 129 kb.  

    Below those, there's a tmp.edb and a MailGroup_D_G.edb in the A_G mailgroup [database].  Not sure why I'm missing the MailGroup_A_C.edb file because it looks like there should be one.  Either way, this EDB file is sitting under the Database folder and not the CatalogData folder.  Is this causing any problems?  It's a fairly large file (38 million kb)... Just some other observation I made as I am trying to figure out what's happening...

    ** Edit

    Scratch that, the EDB files are the database files (duh I know right).  The EDB file exists for MailGroup_A_C and appears as though it was accessed 10/8/2013 (today) not sure by what exactly, but either way it's there.  

    So next steps really...not too sure.  The database files are there and mounted, let me know if there's anything else I can do now..

    ** Edit

    To further confirm, search still doesn't work as of today.

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  • Did you try moving few set of users to another database(New Database) and checked if they are able to search ? If they do, it must be a problem with the database. If moving the users fix the issue, consider moving all users to the New DB.

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