How to recreate "My Documents" like original? RRS feed

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  • In the process of experimenting with some customization the junction named "My Documents" was inadvertently deleted from the folder named C:\Users\username.  While it was easy to recreate a new one it is different from the original in that it does NOT have the same attributes.  Attributes associated with the original standard Windows supplied junction named "My Documents" appear to be as follows:

    D : Directory maybe (i.e., not mentioned in reference documentation for attrib.exe)
    L : Symbolic link/junction
    I : Not content-indexed
    S : System
    H : Hidden

    By recreating a junction named "My Documents" using mklink.exe it ends up with the D & L Attributes.  Even when run by an administrator the attrib.exe command will NOT allow others to be applied.  File explorer can be used to assign the H but NOT the S or I Attribute.  The recreated junction is believed to be functioning properly.  In that, these attributes may NOT be necessary.  However, one would think that there ought to be a way to make the recreated junction indistinguishable from the original.

    How can that be done?
    Thursday, September 10, 2020 3:48 PM