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    Very often it is necessary to alert administrators or other groups of people of events happening during the execution of ILM rules. You may e.g. alert an administrator that a new user was provisioned and that he needs to follow up with some manual action.

    An approach that could be followed is to create a template containing the text of your mail message, in which you allow the replacement of some variables at run-time (in the example below: %%1, %%2 and %%3). A file such as the following could be used:

    Dear Administrator,
    An Active Directory user with DN: %%1 (%%2 %%3) was created. Please execute the necessary actions in AD to finalize creating this user.
    Your friendly ILM server
    Note: this mail is generated by an automated system, so please, do not reply to this e-mail!

    To use this template during provisioning, the easiest way is to initialize a variable containing the entire file in the Initialize method of your MVExtension:

      Private sProvisioningAlertTxt As String = ""
      Public Sub Initialize() _
      Implements IMVSynchronization.Initialize
        ' Initialize the mail message texts that is sent when a user is renamed
        Dim sr As StreamReader = New StreamReader(Utils.ExtensionsDirectory & "\" & "myTemplate.txt")
        Dim Line As String
          Line = sr.ReadLine()
          If Not Line Is Nothing Then
            sProvisioningAlertTxt += Line + vbCrLf
          End If
        Loop Until Line Is Nothing
      End Sub

    You can then implement in your MVExtension a method that sends a mail using this text file:

      Private Sub SendProvisionMail( _
        ByVal mventry As MVEntry, _
        ByVal sDN As String _
        ' %%1 will be replaced by the subject's DN
        ' %%2 will be replaced by the subject's givenName
        ' %%3 will be replaced by the subject's sn
        Dim email As New MailMessage
        Dim sMailTxt As String = sProvisioningAlertTxt
        Dim smtp As New SmtpClient("smtp.mydomain.com")
        email.From = New MailAddress("mail.from@mydomain.com"), "Friendly From"))
        email.Subject = MAParms("A New User was Provisioned by ILM")
        sMailTxt = Regex.Replace(sMailTxt, "%%1", sDN)
        If mventry("givenName").IsPresent Then
          sMailTxt = Regex.Replace(sMailTxt, "%%2", mventry("givenName").Value)
          sMailTxt = Regex.Replace(sMailTxt, "%%2", "Unknown")
        End If
        If mventry("sn").IsPresent Then
          sMailTxt = Regex.Replace(sMailTxt, "%%3", mventry("sn").Value)
          sMailTxt = Regex.Replace(sMailTxt, "%%3", "Unknown")
        End If
        email.Body = sMailTxt
        email.IsBodyHtml = False
        email.Priority = MailPriority.High
        ' send the mail only if we are really executing code!
        If (Not Utils.InPreviewMode) Then
        End If
      End Sub

    In your provisioning code, you could then send a mail to your administrator by simply adding the following code:

        ' if committing the connector happened, a new object user was provisioned and we can thus
        ' inform the AD Administrators
        SendProvisionMail(mventry, sDN)

    Obviously, the above code leaves a lot of room for improvement, but it presents a basic framework to get the job done. Also, don't forget to reference the necessary libraries in your MVExtension assembly. You will need at least the following:

    • System.Text.RegularExpressions
    • System.io
    • System
    • System.Net.Mail


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    Sunday, June 20, 2010 7:42 PM