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  • Hi.

    Directaccess from a Windows 10 client works fine to all Windows Server 2012 R2 servers and to PCs and other IPv6 and IPv4 devices, but cannot connect or ping to two Windows Server 2008 R2 servers in the same location. Names are resolving to addresses.

    Servers are a mix of real and Hyper-V.

    One of the 2008 R2 servers was built fresh just for troubleshooting this issue. 

    As you would expect, the DA Client Troubleshooter reports all green. I suspect some additional configuration is required but some hours of searching have not got me there.

    I am new to DirectAccess so please speak slowly:-)

    Many thanks in advance


    Additional information: One 2008 R2 server was previously a real (tin box) server and was accessible from DirectAccess. Since being virtualised it became inaccessible.

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  • I got Directaccess working to the the two Windows Server 2008R2 VMs by disabling IPv6.


    1. Untick IPv6 in the network adapter in each server.
    2. Remove the IPv6 entries from DNS.
    3. Ran ipconfig /flushdns on the DA server.
    4. Rebooted the DA client PC.

    This has resolved a long-standing problem.

    However, there is one 2012R2 VM (of about 8), which has the same problem. Its network config is identical (other than addresses obviously) to the other 2012R2 VMs but they can all be accessed from a DA client.

    Removing IPv6 from this system fixed the problem, but why is this system behaving differently to the others? 

    I'd certainly appreciate some diagnostic advice as clearly I haven't gotten to the bottom of this.

    Thanks and regards


    Monday, October 31, 2016 12:39 AM