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  • I am trying to work and want to listen to Pandora as I do this but every time I try to switch away from the browser back to the main screen it suspends internet explorer thus stopping my music. I get the whole suspend the activity so it takes less power as you work but I have many times I need to access different things. Is there a way to suspend a specific program? If not, this needs to be in the next update. Just a button to click on the right menu to mark "do not suspend". Should be easy enough code to write.

    And while we are on fixes, I hate that when I am in the store and it is doing updates or finishing installing an app it basically restarts the app back to the main screen. Minor annoyance but still an annoyance.

    Other than that, I love Windows 8. I think there should be a tutorial video at the beginning instead of having to google how to use it better. It is not as intuitive as a lot of other touchscreens but works really well once you understand it. I have just talked to others that haven't had the patience like me to go and look up best ways to use and have returned it and decided a cheap PC on windows 7 and iPad are the way to go.

    But all in all I love it. I think you have a really good program on your hands.

    Thursday, December 13, 2012 6:11 PM


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