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  • I am having issue with Visio while using the hyperlink when i generate the web page of the Visio file.

    I am using BPMN diagram in Visio 2010 & have 5 different Visio files, each having about 30+ processes documented.

    For illustration only:

    Let’s say, I have created 4 files:

    1st File "Plan": which has following collapsed sub-processes:  A--> B --> C?

    2nd File "Planning Activities - A": which has following tasks:  A1--> A2-->A3

    3rd File "Planning Activities - B": which has following tasks:  B1--> B2-->B3?

    4th File "Planning Activities - C": which has following tasks:  C1--> C2-->C3?

    I have linked collapsed sub-process "A" within 1st file with the sub-process worksheet saved in 2nd file to give a blown-up view of expanded sub-process "A". Similarly I have done it for collapsed sub-process "B" as well as collapsed sub-process "C" in 1st file i.e. linked each to its blown-up view in other Visio 2010 file.


    Since 1st file is the parent file, I am trying to save that as web page (*.html).


    When i open the saved web page and click on the collapsed sub-process "A" it opens the Visio file for "Planning Activities - A", instead it showing it on HTML so that I can view A1 on html and then navigate back to A-> B-> C diagram.


    Ideally, when I save as the parent file in html format, data from the entire downstream Visio file should also be saved as html content with configured hyperlinks.


    Appreciate if you can suggest a work around.



    Lubhit Singhvi | Bangalore | India

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    Tuesday, July 5, 2011 7:41 AM


  • Hello Lubhit,

    The difficulty here is that you're dealing with two different sets of files, the vsd/vdx files and the html ones, and Visio currently doesn't support link translation from one to the other, as far as I'm aware. It would be very handy functionality, but until then here's a few options (not exhaustive):

    Use html-based links - You could use html links to files that 'will' be there when you publish your files. Visio SaveAsWeb naming structure is very clear and by default will use the same name as your Visio document, but with an .htm extension. With this knowledge (and based on two Visio documents: Drawing1.vsd and Drawing2.vsd) you could rewrite a hyperlink address to Drawing2.vsd as Drawing2.htm. Assuming you save your html files to the same location then getting the first part of the URL would be fairly straight forward and, of course, you could simplify even further with relative links (probably the better option).

    Post process your hyperlinks - If you have a large number of links to change then the above option might become a little dull. Instead you might want to use some automation to post-process all of the links in your documents. Here, you will have two options:- a) process the links in your Visio documents or b) process the links in your html output files. The latter is the one I would go for as all of your hyperlinks for a given html output set can be found in a single file ([SupportFolderName]/data.xml) and you're original document links would be left in tact, which would be useful when editting the Visio documents.

    I think this is a very reasonable scenario so I'm might expand on this with a blog post and link back here when I'm done. In the meantime let me know if you have any other questions.

    If you haven't come across it before I've also got a couple of post on hyperlinks that you might be interested in:




    ...plus there's the Visio team's post that Fred highlighted:


    My request to the Visio team would be for a hyperlink explorer window that would allow links to be editted en masse including the translation from .vsd to .htm (or respective extension) and this could be invoked as part of the SaveAsWeb / Save To SharePoint process.

    Best regards


    John Goldsmith (Visio MVP) http://visualsignals.typepad.co.uk/vislog/ http://www.visualsignals.co.uk/

    Tuesday, July 5, 2011 10:26 AM