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  • I have the following error on a secondary DPM server.

    Protection agent version: 4.2.1254.0
    Error: Data Protection Manager Error ID: 372
     The agent operation failed because DPM detected a more recent version of the DPM protection agent (version 4.2.1217.0) on server1.domain.local.
    Recommended action: Upgrade the DPM server to 4.2.1217.0 or install the protection agent of 4.2.1254.0 on server1.domain.local

    My Primary DPM server is on 2012 R2 UR1.

    My Secondary DPM server is on 2012 R2 UR3.

    Is DPM saying that I should upgrade my secondary server to an earlier version?

    Is DPM unaware of what is newer and what is older?

    Is QA busy with other more pressing critical issues, like how to build and bill for DPM 2015 instead of fixing what they've already collected revenue for?

    I checked this post:

    Doesn't seem to apply.

    58B8CC50-B79A-42F1-92A7-23EB52F9CDFE 3BD8F112-AFA6-4C6F-97F5-3471C8E4A535 DPM RA Update v4.2.1217.0 1 4 2 1217 0 Agents\RA\4.2.1217.0\i386\1033 DPMProtectionAgent_KB2904687.msp REBOOT=ReallySupress INSTALLDPMFILTER=0
    58B8CC50-B79A-42F1-92A7-23EB52F9CDFE 3BD8F112-AFA6-4C6F-97F5-3471C8E4A535 DPM RA Update v4.2.1217.0 2 4 2 1217 0 Agents\RA\4.2.1217.0\amd64\1033 DPMProtectionAgent_KB2904687.msp REBOOT=ReallySupress INSTALLDPMFILTER=0
    E0359AAC-5CA3-4569-BC3D-26D64F624C3E 347420DC-3935-4042-A58B-5CA9F791C603 DPM RA Update v4.1.3417.0 1 4 1 3417 0 Agents\RA\4.1.3417.0\i386\1033 DPMProtectionAgent_KB2877075.msp REBOOT=ReallySupress INSTALLDPMFILTER=0
    E0359AAC-5CA3-4569-BC3D-26D64F624C3E 347420DC-3935-4042-A58B-5CA9F791C603 DPM RA Update v4.1.3417.0 2 4 1 3417 0 Agents\RA\4.1.3417.0\amd64\1033 DPMProtectionAgent_KB2877075.msp REBOOT=ReallySupress INSTALLDPMFILTER=0
    8842293D-852D-488F-9F78-54BEAB90E387 347420DC-3935-4042-A58B-5CA9F791C603 DPM RA Update v4.1.3426.0 1 4 1 3426 0 Agents\RA\4.1.3426.0\i386\1033 DPMProtectionAgent_KB2904723.msp REBOOT=ReallySupress INSTALLDPMFILTER=0 INSTALLDPMFLTRONPATCH=0
    8842293D-852D-488F-9F78-54BEAB90E387 347420DC-3935-4042-A58B-5CA9F791C603 DPM RA Update v4.1.3426.0 2 4 1 3426 0 Agents\RA\4.1.3426.0\amd64\1033 DPMProtectionAgent_KB2904723.msp REBOOT=ReallySupress INSTALLDPMFILTER=0 INSTALLDPMFLTRONPATCH=0


    Monday, August 4, 2014 4:56 PM

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  • Obviously I'm going to apply UR3 to my Primary DPM server.  That's not my point.  My point is that all of these little errors are like death by a thousand cuts.


    Monday, August 4, 2014 4:59 PM
  • Hi,

    Besides the obvious math problem, It appears that the secondary DPM server is not differentiating the Primary DPM server from a normal protected server, so as you correctly pointed out the message makes little sense.

    I will make the product group aware so they can work on fixing the message.

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    Tuesday, August 5, 2014 2:23 AM