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    I have a new Dell Latitude 3390 laptop. Our current DHCP server doesn't allow for UEFI booting so on all our new systems we are disabling secure boot, enabling legacy option ROMs and using the legacy device list and are PXE booting to our WDS server that way.

    I have imported the drivers for this laptop into MDT. I created a task sequence for it. I then regenerated the boot image. The laptop boots fine to the server. I select the task sequence, give it a machine name and start imaging. The OS progress bar gets to 100% and it reboots. It then gives a 'no boot device found' error.

    The laptop reboots and seems to be skipping or not finding anything on the hard drive. It goes straight to PXE/network boot where I can hit F12 to boot to our imaging server again.

    I did recently update MDT/ADK to the latest version but I can't be certain that's the cause. I imaged 96 PCs using this same procedure and they worked fine. Upon reboot, they boot and continue the imaging process. 

    Click here for a small video of what's happening. 

    Friday, March 30, 2018 2:19 PM

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