Alert on State for a TCP Port Monitor in SCOM 2012R2


  • i have setup a TCP port monitor on a server and it is alerting as "Connection Refused" all the time.

    i changed to a different port and it went Green so this tells me my setup is ok.

    i have been told that since this port is engaged full time in data transfer between anther server, that SCOM is not getting chance to query that port.

    Can somebody confirm the below for me please;

    Since scom tells me that the connection is refused and alerts as down all the time, i would like to change this "Alert on State" to only alert when connection is "successful".

    so once SCOM is able to establish the connection, it should flick an "Critical" Alert.
    this will tell me that the communication between the two application servers on that port has been disrupted and i can take action.

    Will this work and if yes, is there an easier way to do this as the current overrides has very limited option.

    Or will i have to create a new custom Monitor?

    Does anybody have an example that i can follow to achieve this?


    Saiyad Rahim

    Tuesday, June 19, 2018 12:10 AM