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  • I am trying to implement the SessionSourceIP feature described in  I am running UAG SP2.  The name of the trunk is Proxy.  It is an HTTPS trunk.

    I am getting a 109 Error.  It seems to be a problem with the script syntax but my script is very simple:

    light_trace "Hello"

    SetSessionParam g_cookie, "SessionSourceIP", ""


    The trace file shows the custom file being found (

    [0]1140.14d8 11/25/2012-10:41:21.125 [whlcomtrace Login.asp@0] Warning:[207] @ [0] @ [2] @ [Login.asp] @ [0] @ [/InternalSite/inc/CustomUpdate/ exists]

    The trace file shows my Hello message (end of line 1) with an ERROR but it also displays the IP address (m_value)

    [0]1140.14d8 11/25/2012-10:41:29.984 [whlcomtrace PostValidate.asp@0] ERROR:[207] @ [0] @ [1] @ [PostValidate.asp] @ [0] @ [Hello]
    [0]a14.928 11/25/2012-10:41:29.984 [sessionmgrcom SessionMgr.cpp@497] Entering CSessionMgr::SetSessionParam
    [0]a14.928 11/25/2012-10:41:29.984 [core SessionMgrParams.cpp@119] Entering whale::sessionmgr::CSessionMgrCore::SetSessionParam got [CSessionParam:
    m_session_id                          = [
    m_id                                  = [NLSessionSproxy=utHftpBZGv+Ci3Tpfgdre2FcxNLrgLUdNxYaGuNogYEaD18wK6c+SESKqzbIspvR6qVBeWwBm75pEO1sTYQJxIvVQHmIcLt8ZEofS2dhfnt9LH1q3Ls7qeKemfnTvXat]
    m_session_id_type                     = [SESSION_ID_TYPE_COOKIE]
    m_param                               = [
    m_name                                = [SessionSourceIP]
    m_value                               = []
    m_type                                = [Internal]

    Does this feature work with SP2?

    Randy Wiemer - Oxford Computer Group

    Sunday, November 25, 2012 8:20 PM

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  • Hi Randy,

    is there more then just one adapter which is providing access to the backend server?

    Is the IP configured on one of those adapters?


    Monday, November 26, 2012 9:40 PM
  • I had a third NIC on my UAG VM which was disabled and which I have now removed completely but I see the same error.

    The IP is configured on the internal NIC.  The primary address on the NIC is 102.  The NIC holds addresses from to 110. 

    Eventually I need to use almost 1000 addresses on the internal side to reproduce a proxy system that currently uses an IAG appliance.  The IP addresses are used by a large set of commercial services to control access.


    Randy Wiemer - Oxford Computer Group

    Monday, December 3, 2012 2:38 AM