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  • I have  a runbook(System Center Orchestrator) designed for doing some tasks in specific AD accounts. Of many tasks , I am facing problem in three specific powershell scripts which are failing. The three scripts do the following tasks respectively:-

    • Disable ActiveSync
    • Check for out of office Status
    • Remove all rules and alerts

    I get the error as "System.OutOfMemory" exception for the scripts , when considerably a higher number of records are processed by the orchestrator , say 30 records. Out of which 24 would get processed seamlessly and other 6 would fail for no reason.

    The records are fetched from the database all at once , and all the subsequent tasks/ nodes are executed for all the records parallely (Say if there are 30 records to be processed , the next activity in the runbook would be triggered 30 times before it goes ahead and triggers the next activity for those 30 records)and not by fetching records one by one and processing each record individually. I think the RAM consumption is getting very high whenever the number of records for processing is high.

    Any suggestion / observation would be of great help. Thank You!

    Wednesday, February 26, 2020 7:50 AM

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