Leveling Delay field/column inserted into a table in the Resource Usage view of the resource pool RRS feed

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  • I insert and display this column. It measures leveling delay in hours and days, a bit of a surprise if you are used to seeing leveling delay in edays in a Gantt Chart view.

    And, also, if you level from the resource usage view of the resource pool (with the master file open, and select all resources first), tasks get delayed and over-allocation disappears, but this field still has "0 days"everywhere.

    And, also, the tool tip definition when you hover over the column heading is wrong. What is going on here?

    Wednesday, August 8, 2018 8:17 AM

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  • Hi Trevor,

    Yes, assignment leveling delay in working days seems unexpected; I suppose it makes sense in the context of the reduced complexity of calendars for assignments versus tasks.

    Fundamentally, you are accustomed to seeing Task leveling delay (in edays).  This effectively adds an additional elapsed lag to the early start of the task.  Assignment leveling delay (in resource working days) can be imposed by the leveler only if the leveling option "Leveling can adjust individual assignments on a task" is selected.  This option de-couples the assigned resources on a task, allowing the task to start as soon as the first resource is available but delaying the task's completion until the last resource shows up (after an assignment leveling delay) and completes its work.  The result can be a schedule that starts an "Erect Steel" task with a crane but no labor and finishes the task with labor but no crane - not smart.  Depending on the other leveling options, the leveler can also make some pretty complicated modifications to the assignment work contours - far beyond the simple leveling delays.

    Leveling options and delays are applied to tasks and their associated assignments - not to resources.  You can insert the "Leveling Delay" column into a Resource Usage or Resource Sheet table (though I see no purpose for it in the latter).  This seems one of the only cases where Project allows a Task field to be shown in a Resource table - the tool tip is wrong as a result.

    Wednesday, August 8, 2018 3:03 PM