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  • In my navigation pane I have

    > What is the container "Jack Styles"?  (It's a fake name btw.)

    It sits outside (beneath) the Libraries but seems to act like a library.
    It contains:
     - all the folders under C:\User\jstyles   (which I don't find useful)
     - plus a folder:   U:\box dox\ 
       (I designated my My Documents folder (or Windows 7 equivalent) as network drive folder U:\box dox\  ).

    I don't find all of the folders under 

    The system tells me I cannot add network locations that are not indexed.
    Our network is not indexed, but a folder inside my My Documents is in a library.

    When I click a link in Favourites to jump to my My Documents folder  (U:\box dox\)  it goes to the folder, but under the Jack Styles thing (which sits beneath Libraries).
    When I click another link in Favourites to go to another folder  (U:\JS dox\)  it goes to that folder, but under  Computer > U:\JS dox\  .

    Also, sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't...  !

    It appears when I'm in IE.
    It doesn't appear when I open a "Open file" or "Save as" dialog from within a program.

    At this stage, my inclination is to try to find a way to switch it off, as it refuses to include other folders, even though it evidently cAN include a folder that is not indexed if it wants to!

    The inconsistency bugs the hell out of me, but maybe if I could find out what it is and how it's supposed to be of use, it might give me benefit instead of confusion and annoyance.

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