Access 2010 Sync Failed "Your application has encountered errors while attempting to Synchronize with Server" in SharePoint 2010


  • Hello All,

    We have SharePoint 2010 Server:

    2WFE and 1 App

    User uploaded Access 2010 Databases to SharePoint document library. When users attempt to open Access 2010 Database the get the following Syn Application Window:

    "Sync Failed: Your application has encountered errors while attempting to synchronize with the server. Your Web application may be in bad or incomplete state on the server.

    For more details on issues, see the following table:

    Move to SharePoint Site Issues 1

    Also, you can visit the site here:


    You should run the Access Compatibility Checker before attempting to re-sync your application"

    I then click on the OK button then I get the following window:

    "The RunDataMacro macro action failed because the solution contains links to external data and the database is not trusted"

    Then I click on OK button to continue, and it opens the Access DB in read-only mode and cannot edit the database.

    I don't know any details on how the database was created. I am against uploading Access DB to SharePoint library.

    Any idea on how to resolve the issue?



    Friday, July 13, 2012 7:49 PM

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