Trying to install a program with powershell in multiple folders with a argument RRS feed

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  • Hey Guys

    Maybe i have more luck with help here. Im trying to install a .exe with an argument that is located in many folders under one path.

    Im trying this one but failing abit on the argument after the .exe file.

    Get-Childitem -path "C:\test1\test" -Recurse -Filter "executable_x64.exe" | foreach-object {
      start-process $ENV:SystemRoot\system32\cmd.exe -argumentlist ('/c "' + ("$($_.FullName)." + '--install') + '"' )

    If i rchange it to this it will execute the file but i can't install it.

    Get-Childitem -path "C:\test1\test" -Recurse -Filter "executable_x64.exe" | foreach-object {
      start-process $ENV:SystemRoot\system32\cmd.exe -argumentlist ('/c "' + $_.FullName + '"' )

    Im hoping someone here can help out.


    Thursday, August 31, 2017 2:39 PM

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  • Hi Jan-Tore,

    Is there a reason you cannot call the exe directly? 

    Get-Childitem -Path "C:\test1\test" -Recurse -Filter "executable_x64.exe" | ForEach-Object {
      Start-Process -FilePath $_.FullName -ArgumentList '--install'


    Thursday, August 31, 2017 2:43 PM
  • Why are you using Get-ChildItem -recurse?  Just use the file name

    Start-Process -FilePath C:\test1\test\executable_x64.exe -ArgumentList '--install'

    Your construct is only useful if their are multiple files.


    Thursday, August 31, 2017 4:31 PM
  • There is multiple folders with the same executable inside.

    I have tried multiple scenarios

    Start-Process -FilePath C:\test\test1\service_x64.exe  -ArgumentList '--install'

    And so on, it just does not work. The correct way to install is service_x64.exe --install with --install as the correct option to install it. This is a inhouse developed service, wich i need to install about 30 off on about 30 servers. So the option to do this manualy is a pain :( I got most of the script done, except for getting it installed, and editing the config file with the script.


    Thursday, August 31, 2017 7:12 PM
  • Get-ChildItem C:\test1\test\executable_x64.exe -Recurse |
    		Start-Process -FilePath $_.FullPath -ArgumentList '--install'


    Thursday, August 31, 2017 8:02 PM
  • Im not getting this to work.

    I just see a blip on my screen and it goes away.

    Get-ChildItem C:\test1\test\executable_x64.exe -Recurse |
    		Start-Process -FilePath $_.FullPath -ArgumentList '--install'

    Friday, September 1, 2017 8:35 AM
  • Start-Process -FilePath$_.FullPath -ArgumentList '--install' -NoNewWindow


    Friday, September 1, 2017 9:06 AM
  • We figured out what the issue is. Just need to fix it.

    The program requires the config file to install. Normaly when you run it with --install it finds the config file where the program is located.

    But as it runs from a diffrent folder, with the path inside the script, we need to add the path of the config file in the arguments.

    So it should be --install --config c:\test\program$\config.xml

    But we need to find a way to add the folder name as it changes.

    Saturday, September 2, 2017 2:11 PM
  • So the fix was quite easy. As the program runs with a path. But it looks for the config file from the wrong path if you  run it from like c:\

    so needed to add the config file into the arguments list.

    Start-Process -FilePath  program_x64.exe -ArgumentList "--config=config.xml --install"


    Friday, September 8, 2017 8:26 AM
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    Wednesday, September 13, 2017 7:25 AM