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  • I was using my laptop - HP DV5 - without the battery in it. Someone inadvertently pulled the plug. Now, when I try to boot up, it won't get past loading crcdisk.sys. After that it's a blank screen with a cursor -  and it's frozen there. It has the same effect whether in safe mode or regular mode. I've tried all the boot rec commands from the Vista install DVD - bootrec /rebuildbcd, etc - no change. 


    I've confirmed there is no problem with hardware as I could boot from another OS on the same drive. In addition, I swapped out that hard drive and botted from another lap top hard drive. So there is something in the actual boot process that has failed. I've already tried all options that come from pressing f8, such as last known good configuration, etc. Also all the "repair" options run off the DVD fail as well. Options such as system restore and startup repair. The system restore from the vista install DVD's fails as the darn thing says it can't find any restore points - though i'm sure there were plenty. I've read TONS of articles about solutions, but have yet to find a viable option. I also tried taking out 2 gigs of Ram (as my computer comes with 4), which didn't do a thing.


    My latest failed attempt was to mount the drive containing the failed vista x64 in an external drive. Then i replaced all the root boot files, the contents of the boot directory on the root, and several windows directories from a known working backup. In particular I replaced the directory windows/inf, windows/system, and windows/system32 with the boot files from a good working back up image of vista x64 that ran on this laptop. NO CHANGE. 


    This really suprised me as I thought I was essentially swapping the working boot infrastructure from one vista install over the failed one. However, obviously there are other files involved in boot up that I'm not replacing. If someone has an idea of what other directories or files I can replace to get it to boot, that'd be great. 


    My plan is if I can get it to boot this way, I might have an out. I was thinking if I could get it to boot by "borrowing" the working boot up files and registry from a working vista x64 image, I could then - while running in vista - replace all the old files back (I've simply renamed them to inactivate them). Then while it's up, do an inplace upgrade. I'm jumping through all these hoops because it appears impossible to do an in place upgrade while booting from the Vista X64 DVD. 

    I know I can format the drive and re-install. I've gone through all this because that is not an option. So if someone has a suggestion about how to replace or change whatever it is, whatever file or folder that is causing this hang, that'd be great. 


    My goal is to get it to the boot screen and do an inplace upgrade from the vist x64 disk to clean up the install. But first I have to be able to get into Windows. When I try to boot from the Vista DVD and do an inplace upgrade, it has disabled the upgrade option. My understanding is that this is because I have to boot from vista to do an in-place upgrade. 


    So that's my dilemma, any help would be appreciated.



    Thursday, July 23, 2009 2:58 PM


  • It sounds like some file(s) was corrupted when the machine went down.  If you can, try checking the disk for errors using a disk utility.  You may have to attach this disk to a different system and check it from there.
    Thursday, July 23, 2009 11:51 PM