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    The support pages I've found suggests to use groups when sending a message to multiple recipients instead of adding each person individually in the address fields since both an individual recipient and a group of recipients is counting as one element i.e. 100 individual contact persons in a message is counting as 100 elements but a group of 100 recipients is counting as one element.

    While this may be the theory it's not what I experience in practice. 50 groups each of 100 people or one group of 5000 people or more returns a failure message saying.

    This message could not be sent. The client action failed. Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator.




    Administrator Diagnostic Information:



    The error is[0x80004005-0x80004005-0x00000501].



               request-id: 19e14b59-c6b4-4883-b0f8-0a022ba711ed

               X-ServerApplication: Exchange/15.20.0841.000

               X-FEServer: HE1PR05CA0138

               X-BEServer: DB7P191MB0522

               X-CalculatedBETarget: DB7P191MB0522.EURP191.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM

               X-RequestId: {D3B058C9-FE96-4D72-9187-FE2B473870BC}:6896

               X-ClientInfo: {D6BC0B76-83B8-473F-86C2-DEF30E7A75B7}:110880039

               X-ElapsedTime: 702

               X-BackEndHttpStatus: 200

               X-ResponseCode: 0

               X-DiagInfo: DB7P191MB0522

               X-RequestType: Execute



    Remote Action Overview:


               0: ropFlushRecipients (14) behandlet (1) fuldført (0)

                          Resultat af fjernhandling: 0

                          Svarkoder: 0

               1: ropSetProps (10) behandlet (1) fuldført (0)

                          Resultat af fjernhandling: 0

                          Svarkoder: 0

               2: ropTransportSend (74) behandlet (1) fuldført (0)

                          Resultat af fjernhandling: 0

                          Svarkoder: -2147467259



    Exceptions for answers:

    Remote Operation Index: 2: 2

    Affiliated Remote Action:: ropTransportSend (74)

    Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.SubmissionQuotaExceededException: The message can't be submitted because the sender's submission quota was exceeded.

       at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.CoreItem.<PreprocessItem>b__99_0()

       at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.Performance.MailboxOperationPerformanceTracker.ExecuteWithLatencyTracking(ActivityOperationType operation, Action action, String instance)

       at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.CoreItem.TransportSend(PropertyDefinition[]& properties, Object[]& values)

       at Microsoft.Exchange.RpcClientAccess.Handler.Message.TransportSend()

       at Microsoft.Exchange.RpcClientAccess.Handler.RopHandler.<>c__DisplayClass153_0.<TransportSend>b__0()

       at Microsoft.Exchange.RpcClientAccess.Handler.ExceptionTranslator.TryExecuteCatchAndTranslateExceptions[TResult](Func`1 protectedCode, Func`2 errorCodeExtractor, Boolean noThrow, TResult& result, Exception& exception, ErrorCode& errorCode)

    Afsendelse af transport mislykkedes: manglende enum (25), HResult (0x00000000), EC (-2147467259).

    Afsendelse af transport mislykkedes: manglende enum (22), HResult (0x00000000), EC (-2147467259).

    Afsendelse af meddelelse mislykkedes: meddelelses-id (86), manglende enum (13), HResult (0x80004005), EC (-2147467259).

    In General the Exchange Online Server is not working satisfactorily. I've had a computer scientist, albeit newly educated, to migrate the data to Exchange Online server but he has given up getting the system to work satisfactorily. The Microsoft Online Support Team has not yet been able to resolve the many issues with this software solution.

    My OS is Win10 and Office 365 Premium. Said to be business solution adding value by working more efficiently. I've stopped counting the hours spent with professional support people who cannot fix the problems.

    Help please!

    Tuesday, June 12, 2018 12:18 PM

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  • The info in the support articles applies to Distribution groups, not Outlook's Contact Groups feature. So you should recreate those contacts as mail contacts/mail users in the Exchange Admin Center, then add them to some distribution group. In any case, I wouldn't recommend using Office 365 for any bulk-email scenario, you can get your user or even domain blacklisted.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2018 5:28 PM
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