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  • Hi there, I've bought a Lumia 430 phone in 10/31/2015 In its 1st week I've noticed that he gives me a fake network and when any one try to call me he find my mobile is not available ...

    At the begening I thought that the problem is in my SIMs, So I went to the both of my Network Providers and changed the two SIMs with new ones, but the problem haven't been fixed !

    Soon after that, the mobile started to reject the 1st SIM and doesn't identify it until I restart my phone!!

    I handled my phone to the maintenance in "RAYA SHOP" and it stayed there for two weeks and when I received it again, they told me that they have changed an "IC" and the problem has been resolved.

    In the same day I received it, I found that the problem still exist !!!

    I gave it again to the maintenance in "RAYA SHOP" and it's still there for 3 weeks now ... I called the customer service and they told me that they will change the motherboard and I have to wait another 3 weeks untill they import the motherboard and fix the mobile

    I requested to change the mobile as the policy of the grantee says as it is a defect in the mobile industry and not a misuse from me ... but they refused to change it

    Delivery receipt number: 2291320 And submitted a complaint number: 1326053140

    I'm submitting a new complaint again for you and asking to change me phone with a new one

    I've messaged the Lumia Egypt page but they didn't reply me and messaged Microsoft Egypt page to complain and they told me to message Lumia Egypt which is not replying to me, then when I asked about the link to the mother company in America they Ignored me twice with no reply !!

    It's my 1st and last time to buy a Lumia device or even to recommend it for any one because of this bad experience I had with the company and the customer service which did not abide by the terms of its contract to change the phone if there is an industrial issue.

    you are my last hope to make my complaint reach the Mother compay to know that its Egyptian agents will abuse the reputation of the company and lose the trust of its clients

    Sunday, February 7, 2016 10:34 AM