Freezing VISTA...sataII? RRS feed

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  • Well, well, after 6 months of trying just about everything. I've found the problem. In my case i was running XP fine, then upgraded to Vista. Constant freezing ensued.. requiring hard boot. Anywhere between 10 seconds and 30 mins. Freeze!

    So many, many hours on the phone to Microsoft... took machine to hardware shop. new RAM. new HDD. several reinstalls.. still froze.

    Was about to give up, then poked around inside the case, looked at new HDD, realised there should be a jumper on rear to limit transfer speed to 1.5GBps if motherboard doesn't support sataII which is 3GBps. SO, obtained a link (not supplied with new HDD) and shoved it where it should go and rescanned hardware in Vista... hey presto.. works like a dream.

    Now then, this was not an issue with XP, as it worked on the same drive without the jumper, only became an issue once i upgraded to Vista. I understood that a sata II drive would default to 1.5GB if the motherboard didn't support sata II. This is not the case once Vista is installed.

    SO my HDD is a Samsung 160GB sata II and my mobo is ECS RS-400A.

    If you are having a freezing issue i suggest you have a look to see if you have a link between the 3rd pair of pins counting from the left.

    I have to mention the excellent support offered by Ching at the Vista technical team, who suspected a hardware issue, this turned out to be true.

    Good luck. why the hell don't Samsung supply the link in with the HDD box, there was none in my case, only mounting screws.

    Hope this helps someone, let me know if it does...

    Saturday, July 7, 2007 4:04 PM