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  • In your company, which is a large multinational organization and has offices in five countries, the organization is using Windows Server 2003, but starting with the implementation of Windows Server 2008. You are the enterprise administrator, and
    your role is to design an Active Directory infrastructure in the company. Your company has an Active Directory Domain Services forest with two domains. Noise of a dedicated Forest root domain named linkgroup.com. All user accounts are located in the Child
    domain called bg.linkgroup.com. All domain controllers and domain linkgroup.com bg.linkgroup.com domain are located in the Netherlands. Forest functional level in linkgroup.com forest is set to Windows Server 2003. Current Active Directory service for linkgroup.com
    domain is managed by one IT team located in the Netherlands. Accounts in Active Directory for this team are dedicated to the Forest root domain called linkgroup.com. Linkgroup not want the user accounts, servers, workstations and Access Group are located in
    this area because it is the Forest root domain. Also, Linkgroup has a strong (stronger) Domain Password & Account Lockout policy in linkgroup.com domain so that the administrative orders additional insured. Bg.linkgroup.com domain contains users from all
    five states in which extends linkgroup companies. This includes 25,000 customers in the Netherlands, 10,000 customers in Canada, 5,000 users in Mexico, 3,000 users in Italy and 1,500 users in Belgrade. All regions are connected with each other through WAN
    links. However, additional attention is the bandwidth (bandwidth) in Linkgroup company. Also, there were several instances in which the network connection between one of the regions and locations in the Netherlands met with an interruption in the operation,
    which prevented the users in the region to be logged and access to important applications. Each Linkgroup region of a dedicated Helpdesk to manage Active Directory data, such as users and groups in the region. These regional Helpdesk's also managed servers
    that are located in their region because they would be too complicated for the IT team in Holadniji to manage hardware, software and maintenance of servers at remote locations. What type of DNS zone to use, then how you'll protect the information stored in
    the DNS zones, and what should be the replication Scope DNS zone?
    Friday, August 12, 2011 10:08 AM

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  • You are looking for an AD-Integrated DNS zone with domain-wide replication scope.
    Wednesday, July 25, 2012 5:43 PM